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1.14.3 Community Survival - Hosted by Big Anime Memes Offline

Created by the popular meme page on Instagram this server brings a unique mix of survival and community.The server is updated to 1.14.3 with the latest plugins to help reduce the 1.14 lag and to smooth the overall player experience.Protected chest and staff will claim land for you upon request.Per player rollback, so you never have to worry about griefers since we can undo all their grief without even restarting the server.Server shop located at spawn and also have an area where players can open their own shops.PvP is disabled with the exception of our PvP arena located near spawn.We have a very dedicated staff who have been pulling 12 hour days to make sure the server lives up to all expectations.Over a 99% uptime and is online 24/7.The server was created a little over a week ago so there is still much to explore!Upcoming!RanksReworked PvP ArenaShop additionsForumWe also have much planned for the future and hope to see you there! :)If you think this server could be for you come stop by and see if it's a fit - if not then no worries <3

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Status Offline
Version Paper 1.14.3
MOTD The official Big Anime Titties Minecraft Server! ---- ----
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Categories Survival PVE