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Welcome to Warhut! Warhut Network supports all clients between 1.8 and 1.12.2. We offer [b]100% CUSTOM[/b] gamemodes. We have the best staff to ensure your time around is the best! We are one of the most custom minecraft servers IN THE WORLD! lol These include:- Tribes: Custom Factions (STILL IN HEAVY BETA). You cannot claim land, but you can buy items at shops located around the map, and defeat randomly spawning bosses! Custom currency called skulls. Create your tribe and wage war! You can purchase enchants too! Very unique gamemode, although it is new, it is great fun, and you can help us test it!- Team Deathmatch: Help your team defeat the other team! Get coins for every kill, purchase kits and upgrades!- Warzone: Break the enemy's wool core! Collect tokens and tickets, purchase kits and upgrades!- Sinkhole: Warhut's take on ArenaPvP! Get credits for each kill, level up, purchase cosmetics, upgrades, and effects!We have more coming soon! These include:- Master Builders- Party Games- Skyblock- SkywarsJOIN US!PLAY.WARHUT.US

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Version BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x
MOTD Minigames Network (1.8-1.12.2) Warhut 4.0 now open!
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