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24-7 ValkMC 100% Unique Custom Objective Survival Server Offline
Every vanilla recipe, mob / block drop have been completely wiped and replaced with new recipes, mob / block drops. Most of the recipes are hand crafted, the crafting table is considered a mid-game item used to get recipes for super seeds, a carved pumpkin and armor.   The vanilla mob spawning system is no longer used and has been replaced. There is only one mob type that spawns day and night; husks with black wool on their heads with increased speed. Killing them will make them multiply into two more husks. They disappear after a minute of being spawned. If you're wearing a carved pumpkin, mobs will no longer target you unless you engage in combat. Mobs drop souls, right clicking the souls will give you souls which increase your experience points which in turn increase your hearts. When a husk dies, a corpse will spawn, when you right click the corpse you will get random loot. Different mob types spawn based on how far you are from the spawn.   The world is one big flatlands biome covered with trees and grass. Emerald, coal and diamond are the only types of ore that spawn on the server. There is a flat cave biome underground making ore hunting a easier grind.   Most building blocks have gravity on place making it more difficult to make a base. (E.g. Ladders / Torches / Slabs have gravity on place.) Chopping a tree with cause the tree logs to have gravity. Walking over plants or tree leaves will make them disappear making it harder to hide in a tree top. Crops automatically replace themselves after being harvested instead of giving you the extra seeds to plant them back yourself. You need a shovel to mine soft blocks and a pick to mine hard blocks. Touching water will poison you. Breaking most blocks will give you roughly 25% of the resources back.   The better the tool the more you gather from crops, ores, and wood. The vanilla tool / weapon durability system is no longer used and has been replaced. If a tool breaks it will snap into two twigs. Sneaking while using a diamond pickaxe will mine a 3x3x3 area.   Super dark areas regenerate the players health. If the player dies, a custom death animation will be played. You start off with 3 hearts.

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Status Offline
Version Spigot 1.13.2
MOTD {ValkMC} - Public Beta - 0.60
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