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3b3t Vanilla Anarchy! 1.19 Offline
3b3t Vanilla Anarchy! 1.19

******1.19 Ready in unloaded chunks!!*******

3b3t Vanilla Anarchy continues the goal of long term vanilla survival, with no rules outside what groups decide to enforce on thier own as they claim territory.  We believe in true hackless survival, but wont ban for cheating, or griefing

Our Creed is Mastery of Pure Vanilla Survival   

NO Overworld resets        

Spawn is only a 24 block radius of protection, long distance teleport pad available to begin further away. Intended to avoid nightmare spawn areas that develop in other anarchy servers like the legendary 2b2t. 

Server Lore: All Vanilla players are called upon ban together to learn game mechanics while we battle the hacker onslaught. One day a Vanilla King will rise to take the reign of evil DonChickenNugget, the Hacker King and 1st Lord of 3b3t. His hacked armor and weapons still rest in a tomb inside a mountain, locked by wizard admins. The Items are forbidden to be used in fear of dreadful curses. For now we search for a new hero, one who can lead the flock to paradise.    

3b3t Succession

1. [Era of the Novice] 1st king RTPS ruled Jan 16th 2021 - March 2nd 2021    Slain by Hacker DonChickenNugget

2.  [Era of Lava Casted Spawn Griefing] 2nd ruler, Hacker King DonChickenNugget Reigned March 3rd 2021 - May 5th 2021. Slain by unknown, the dropped remains were gathered by an old wizard and sealed them away in a vault, hidden high up in a mountain 1000's of blocks away. The Hacked Armor and weapons are forbidden to be used.

3. [Era of teleport removal & Spawn destruction] 3rd Lord Azazeloin, An Evil Wizard seeking total destruction of spawn and teleport pads, and seeks the whereabouts of the first Wizard, the old hermit who only seeks balance. The Evil Wizard lives in an emerald Temple in the far east. He will stop at nothing to prevent a Vanilla King from rising again.                                                         

The world is yours for the taking        IP:     or enter

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