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Aeternum Survival [PvP] [Raiding] [Staff Needed] Offline

NO BORING FACTIONS // PvP SURVIVAL // STORYLINE AND REGULAR EVENTS Welcome to Aeternum Survival ! You are part of the survivors from the spaceship "Aeternum" that crashed on this new planet... Fight for survival by creating your base far away from spawn, teaming up with others or hunting as a lone wolf, you get to choose your path ! Get a rank to access unique perks and zone keys ! Regular events and updates ! ALL NEW : Opened November 28 2017 ! Get sarted right now : free starter kits during opening week ! MC version : 1.12.2 - Hardcore PvP Plugins and special commands ! Ranks and loot crates coming soon... New server website will be open in 2 days! Update: PvP Arena added! :)

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Aeternum Survival