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AlexioePvP Online
{PvPeoixelA} Clans/PvP/Grief! -----------------------------------
AlexioePvP is a server fully funded by the owner! No donors or pay to win, We want you to experience the best that there is to offer!About us:We are a clans server with griefing and pvp allowed! We have anti-cheat and anti-xray, with a sky spawn like you never seen before. With everything Importantly being simple!Admin shops that sell things that players can't get like mob spawners and commands!We also offer player shops to rent at our sky spawn!Features- Diamonds as currency!- all essential commands /sethome, ect- Clans- Good anti-cheat and xray protection- NO Donors- Player shops!- Commands/spawners at the admin shop!Server to be developed as played.

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Version Paper 1.18.1
Players 0/200
Categories Survival 1.8 Spigot Economy