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????Attention all Builders, Redstoners and Adventurers????

Hey there, We are a growing Java/Bedrock Edition SMP community on a vanilla server 18+ only for maturity reasons for adults that wanna play the game around other adults.

?We are a very welcoming friendly community to new & experienced players.?

?Server Info?
?Active players? - (We are always recruiting new members!)
?Version 1.19.2?
????Shopping District????
??Vanilla Tweaks datapacks??
?????1 player sleep?????
????Public Enderman Farm????
?Questing Temple?
????Event Areas????
????Mini games District????
?????‍????LGBTQI+ Friendly?????‍????
?Interview dependent with mic?
?Fully Moderated?
?Private whitelisted?
?24/7? (99% server uptime)

We would like you to be part of this developing minecraft community inspired by content creators' servers such as legacy SMP, HermitCraft, Empires SMP & SciCraft etc.

?Patreon? - Support the server and its hardware upkeep and get access to bonus content. (also any other servers being developed)

Rules apply within the server and discord!

We allow some client side mods for forge and fabric like mini maps and litematica but nothing that gives another player advantage over the another player also we will offer download links and tech support if needed!

Apply within and successful applicants after an interview via a discord voice channel will get whitelisted and inducted into our SMP.

All other information can be found inside the discord.

Players Online

Server Information

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Version BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.19.x
Players 2/20
Categories Vanilla SMP Whitelist 1.19.2