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Altitude is a community centered survival server. Inspired by the first Minecraft servers, we kept it simple, and put our focus on the players, not the features. It's a place to relax, a place to connect with friends, and most importantly, a place to just get away for a while. Altitude is your home away from home.

Altitude is committed to providing a place for players to enjoy the classic gamemodes. We host survival, creative, and recently introduced Skyblock as well. No matter which you choose, you'll love the classic Minecraft experience, as we've only added what players have highly recommended, and promise to keep things simple.

Our goal at Altitude is to create a semi-vanilla server that retains the original Minecraft experience, while optimizing things for a community server. To do this we've added land-claiming, basic teleportation, and fan favorites like McMMO and Dynmap. You won't find any plugins that take away from the original game here.

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Status Online
Version Paper 1.12.2
MOTD The Altitude Community Your 1.12.2 Survival Home
Players 2/70