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AnVille City is a player run economy server, when the players are poor so is the government. Be the first player to open a shop in the city and watch your sales go through the roof or become a lawyer and defend the people of AnVille in a court of law. Become a police officer and uphold the law or you could join the Mob Control team and make a living killing creeper and zombies to keep the Citizens safe at night. You can buy a plot of land right when you join to either build a house or a shop, the choice is yours. Hmm maybe you want a life in politics, then run for office as a senator or District attorney. Be the player in the big house in AnVille City! You can also do the basic jobs if you want, Mine, farm, hunt and more! Looking for a City survival server? Search no further, the admins on this server have looked for the perfect server and couldn't find it... So they started this one... There are no factions so if that's what your looking for then look elsewhere... Make sure to bring a friendly attitude OR run from the law and avoid getting caught, or you'll spend some time in Prison. JOIN US TODAY!!!! 

The Purpose if this server is to bring the players a more real life city.. Government and economy. The players pay there way and make the city a better place, the city will grow as you the player grows, We want the players to grow the city, so it's starts off small but will get big in time.

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