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Welcome to Chillax 2B2T clone anarchy server!Just like everything on 2B2T, there is no rules and will never be a server map reset! Come do as you please, the server will be able to handle the players without any problems at all!WE do have a dedicated host with 24/7 uptime (Server restarts daily) Hack clients are allowed on Anarchy server, althought these clients must be disabled if you choose to also join one of our many other servers!WE offer a couple basic plugins, but other then that its barebones, no rules MCOur other servers: SkyblockCityScapes (unique chillax gamemode)PVE survivalFactionsAnarchyWebsite: https://chillax-mc.comDiscord: IP: anarchy.chillax-mc.comHub:

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Status Offline
Version BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.17.x
MOTD Chillax MC » (1.8 1.17)
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Categories Spigot