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Anarquia is a vanilla anarchy Minecraft server running since 18rd of Juny 2021, designed to give players total freedom to play Minecraft just as the developers intended. This means there are no gameplay-alterting plugins, no teleportation, no playerhomes and no pre-determined economy. Everything is left up to our players. Griefing and raiding are permitted and there are no grief-prevention methods.

  • The server is very different from the majority of java servers you can play today. As stated above, it is anarchy, which means there are no rules. There are no admins, and nobody can be banned.
  • Freedom of speech is supported here.

Minecraft Anarchy servers are an interesting social experiment, to say the least. An anarchy server is one that has few rules (if any at all). Here, players are free to scam each other, grief others' builds, and even use Minecraft clients with built-in cheats in some cases.

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