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Aranoth Online

"Aranoth" fresh vanilla server with a few mods. Trying to keep the main spirit of Minecraft alive. Join if you would like on a 24/7 dedicated server, commercially hosted, we got a nice community just chillin and grinding for those good Ol' Diamonds. Server Address:

-Player owned shops. Sell goods you find to other players, earn money, become rich, build your own empire in a virtual society!
-Claim your house. Build whatever you wish and claim it. No one can enter, steal your items, destroy or build on to it unless you allow them to. Completley configurable.
-Sleep at night time. Anyone can sleep and will broadcast sleeping. If no one cancel's within 10 seconds, night will turn to day!
-70+ new enchantments (Special thanks to "Zenchantments")
-Quests/Jobs to earn money.
-Set your own home teleport
-Player cash (Use this to make other players gather resources for you. BE RICH!)
-Normal difficulty.
-Player mailbox
-Anti Greifing.
-More to come with your suggestions :)

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Version 1.15.2
MOTD A Minecraft Server
Players 0/10