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Factions is one of the most popular gamemodes in Minecraft, and as such its very hard to find something original out there. Well, if your looking for original, look no farther than AtherionRealm. AtherionRealm is a totally unique, custom server which strives to bring you the best gaming experience, in a totally unique way. Our server has many customized features, including:Custom Built Spawn and Arenas- Our build team works hard to bring you the best experience.Custom Enchants- Custom Enchantments to further enhance your time spent on AtherionRealm.In-Game Ranks- Tired of Pay-To-Win servers? In addition to our donor ranks, we have in-game perks available for in-game money!!Spells Plugin- Ever wanted to be able to teleport? Leap across huge distances? Instantly build temporary walls to block your opponents? Now you can, thanks to our custom spells. Definitely a great way to spice up your PvPActive Forums- Come join us on the forums!! AtherionRealm.comMuch more!!!- Come join us in game and try out all of our features for yourself. If you like the server, please remember to vote, so that others can find it and join you as well.We Hope to see you in-game and on our forums!!!!

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Version Spigot 1.11.2
MOTD [] ATHERIONREALM [] NEWS: Soft release - OpenWorld RPG
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