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Auccuatt Prison Server is a brand new upcoming classic prison server made by a 10-year-experienced Minecraft veteran going by the username of Auccuatt. The server is planned to launch in late 2021/early 2022, the server at first is nowhere near complete, but you can help test areas and try to rank up faster than other people! There is no way to escape the prison unless you jump in the void (the prison is built on top of a sky-only world so good luck trying to go anywhere out of the prison), that being said, feel free to test the server in any way shape or form. The server is also cracked so having a Minecraft account is NOT required!We also have a discord: is not meant to be an anarchy server, any form of advertising, cheating, griefing the prison, abusing plugins, having multiple accounts, hacking, offensive swearing, lying/disrespecting the admins, asking for staff, or any form of misconduct will get you permanently IP banned, no exceptions.

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