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Looking for a fun yet challenging PvP Factiosn server? Axios Gaming is definitely for you. We have a staff team desired to give you the ebst experience possible. Here are some things we offer.99.9% uptime. Advertisements may not show this due to maintenance or scheduled restarts to help with latency. We offer high quality hardware for the server to help with lag. If you experience any, please just let us know.

 1.       Non Abusive Staff – Moderators do not have any permissions besides chat management along with player management. (Temp-Ban,Kick,Mute and a few others) Mods do NOT have /v /gm /socialspy and other OP commands. Our Admins do have these permissions. However, they are not allowed to play as part of any factions. If caught cheating. They will immediately be demoted and banned.

2.       We offer simple rules. These rules are not hard to follow. If broken, you will receive the punishment you deserve.

3.       We strive to be a professional yet fun environment. We will do our best to host event, shot coupon giveaways, constantly add new content. Etc. If you ever need anything. Please contact us via our discord server. This is where we will be handling the majority of our problems, suggestions, and reporting.

Some plugins and content we have to offer is as followsFactions UUID with /f permsMcMMO (No Afk Grinding) {Spawners do give McMMO LVLs}Duel ArenasInstaWalls – Check the plugin out on spigot if you are curiousCrazyCrates8k and Expanding World BorderDiscord Chat for In GameAuto Rank for those who aren’t able to donatePlayerVaults     AuctionsEven though we are running 1.12, we have chosen to disable Elytra, Chorus Fruit, and Shulker Boxes. If you have any questions, please ask!This is only PART of what we offer. Along with much more! Come check us out!

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Version Spigot 1.12.2
MOTD aWelcome to Axios Gaming Factionsa aFactions-Koth-McMMO-InstaWalls-Duelsa
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