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BMB Survival Online
BMB Survival
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BroManBroCraft Description:

BroManBroCraft is a survival focused gameplay experience with no intent on map reset. Map was generated in 1.18 but has since updated to 1.18.2 and 1.19 and will continue to update.

Economy resets may occur. All players start with nothing in hard mode near the map center.

Economy Shop is included but most items are not purchasable and only sellable to maintain survival aspect of gameplay.

 In game money is awarded for various activities such as destroying land near the map center as well as placing resource blocks there and killing mobs.

 REDSTONE- if you are a red stoner and you want to build a crazy farm that won’t be removed this is a good place to do it YOU ARE WELCOME here.

Map size is greater than 100,000x100,000.

This server WILL challenge you so if you like a challenge join today.

Currently recruiting staff check out our discord to submit applications

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Server Information

Votes 110
Version Paper 1.19
Players 2/1337
Categories Survival McMMO