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Welcome to the Big Chungus Network! Notable plugins and features include:

- A semi-vanilla survival mode experience
- Land claiming through GriefPrevention
- Economy with AuctionHouse for buying and selling items, and money drops from mobs and block 
- Clans: Create a clan or join one and team up with other players
- Random spawn on join, as well as access to the "/wild" command
- You can type "/kit claim" to get a gold shovel and stick for land claiming
- Info booklet on join which lists useful commands (type "/infobook get welcome" for a new one).
- Buyable ranks and claim blocks through the "/buy" menu (all ranks currently 50% off)
- CorpseReborn: On player death, a corpse will appear for 15 minutes with an accessible inventory 
containing their items
- UltimateTimber: Makes tree chopping more realistic

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Server Information

Status Offline
Version Paper 1.13.2
MOTD Big Chungus Network ==Survival== [Economy][Land Claim][Clans]
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