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Brauhaus Crime - Cops VS Robbers Offline
Brauhaus Crime - Cops VS Robbers

Opening the chest.
Equipping myself.
Leaving my apartment.
Heading for the chosen shop.

Reassured there is no policeman watching me.

My pockets filled with gold.
Cowardly Shop-Owner…
I’m running.
Into the darkness.

I dare to stop,
to breathe.
To have a snack.

Not mine.
Taking the sword into my Hand.
The Policeman is just behind me

He’s aiming.

His ice-arrows don’t hit me.
There! The Entrance of the underground railway!

Having my minecart with me, I am rushing underneath the city.
My pockets filled with gold.
And Drugs.
Was I able to escape?

A City of laws. A City of crime. A City of Corruption.
The  BdH Crime-Server is not about creating and destroying blocks. No, this server is about power, criminal energy and unity of several players.
Rob shops, plant drugs, choose the weapon that suits you – the simple sword, a pistol, or rather a rocket launcher?
Unite your power and your reputation with others, plan common actions, or fight against each other on any place, escape from the police, release your friends out of the jail – show everybody who the strongest player is!
Or are you one of the moderated citizens? One that prefers to gain his money by mining and selling gold, coal or Lapis Lazuli, one that works on the farm for his daily bread, and who can afford to buy an own house this way?

Find your own way – on the BdH Crime-Server.

These are the features of the Crime-Server:

  • An entirely different Minecraft-Game, playable without own mods
  • The ability to rob shops, but also flats and chests of other players
  • A huge number of weapons: the simple sword, pistols, machine guns, flame throwers, grenades,…
  • Numerous other special items, like drugs
  • Chases with policemen – in case you don’t manage to escape, you will be sent to jail
  • A great community, extended by our own TS-Server (
  • The ability to buy and create own lots, flats, houses or villas
  • This server is running since 01.04.2012 and the server-modifications are developed 100% from our server-team!

This server belongs to the “Brauhaus der Hoffnung (BdH) – Server network”. You can find further information here: - - or on our TS3-Server:

On this server “glizer” is installed – data like Onlinetime and IP-Adresse are collected for better administration and for the security of the server. Further information to glizer:

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