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Briterica Online

This minecraft server has been built on version 1.16.2.

The server runs a Survival McMMO world.

Cool features include:

  • McMMO sytled leveling
  • Claiming your own area as yours
  • Mob arenaQuest system
  • Jobs system
  • Server owned shops (Normal shops and Mob drop Shop) 
  • Rank system (Mostly Cosmetic only)
  • Create your own shops with "ChestShops" 
  • Mobs have a chance of dropping money. (No killing of parrots you monsters)
  • Ability to set homes this is limited based on rank
  • Auction house "/ah" Limited to 5 per person. 

There is a lobby for all who login for protection this is where you can find access to most the above features. Out and about /spawn to come back to lobby.

There are some very cool stuff to experience in briterica.Make it your own, come join us.

Players Online

Server Information

Status Online
Version Spigot 1.16.2
MOTD Where your dreams come true.
Players 0/250
Categories CraftBukkit Spigot McMMO PVE PVP