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CatCraft is a new survival server that was started with the pure aim of
creating the most fun and enjoyable survival minecraft experience ever! 

CatCraft has great ambitions to become the greatest survival server in the world, with some awesome features to back us up!
We feature a unique player experience while also maintaing the core-aspect of a semi-vanilla survival gameplay.

Summary of features on CatCraft Survival:

Seasonal Events! i.e. Halloween, Christmas, Pirate day etc

Extremely detailed and mind-blowing builds!

A player-based market alley! Diamonds is the global currency!

A biome selector! Choose to start in your favourite biome or randomely teleport into the wild!

Many fun mini-games i.e. detailed Mazes with great prizes!

Extremely rare and powerful vanilla enchanted items (For those interested in end-game gameplay)!

Added vanilla enchancing tweaks, i.e. chop trees and mine whole ore veins instantly!

Land claiming and Clans! Join a clan with friends or create your own clan! Work togther in teams or play individualy, the choice is yours!

ALL players receive many premium commands that most servers will require donating for i.e. /back upondeath set 2 homes

With a team of talented builders, friendly staff and a close player community, CatCraft will surely blow your mind!!

We have all sorts of fun tweaks added to enhance survival while keeping the rich experience
of vanilla survival intact.

Come join us now at

We look forwards to seeing you!!!

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Status Online
Version Paper 1.16.1
MOTD CatCraft Survival [1.16.1] NEWS: NETHER UPDATE!!
Players 3/25
Categories Survival Vanilla