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Cherry Blossom SMP Online
Cherry Blossom SMP
Cherry Blossom SMP! Ranks | mcMMO | Towny | Shops | Unique Items!

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Cherry Blossom was created to give players a feeling of progression and accomplishment while staying simple and close to vanilla, while offering a variety of plugins that enhance the minecraft experience such as /sethome, /tpa, /rtp, chest/door locks, and /rest. Come give us a try! NEWEST UPDATE: Board games! Come play chess, checkers, uno, tictactoe, connectfour, and more!

We offer a 100% free non pay-to-win rank system designed to reward you for playing and making money. Server features include: Ranks, Protected Death Gravestones, Custom Unique Loot/Crates, MCMMO, Server Shop, Towny, Player shops, Money from monsters, and more!

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Version Paper 1.17.1
Players 6/150
Categories Survival McMMO PVE Economy Towny