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Civil Realms is a 1.18 server that offers skill levels and abilities via MCMMO, a player and npc-based economy with integrated jobs and quests, and optional storylines with dungeons that can be played cooperatively! We have 26+ ranks that offer players a chance to display their statuses -- obtainable by luck and gameplay. Each rank comes with its own set of perks. For example, once you reach the "Trader" rank, you gain the ability to create chest-shops for people to come buy and sell items. Rewards are given on both monthly and weekly bases through competitions for superlatives such as "most impressive build", "top quester", and "richest (with in-game currency)". On top of that, we also host frequent events such as races, tournaments, and drop parties that offer players exclusive rewards. 


We are a brand new server that just opened up November 22nd, 2021. We are currently in 1.18!. Most major changes and additions to the server are decided through community votes. This allows players to control where the server goes in the future! If you decide to join, it'll be up to you too! Come build our community up with us!

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