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Welcome to ConstantSurvival!!! We are a BRANDNEW survival server with some plugins! in this server you are allowed to raid and grief, there is no land claim! We have a PVP arena, shop, wild teleport, vote crates, and much more coming in spawn! This is a community driven server with active staff and events! Theres always something happening so come join! we have a website and a discord that can be found in our spawn! Join with your friends today and see who can climb their way to the top of the server! come show your might and how good you are at minecraft today!We are a survival server with a few plugins to make vanilla a little better! beware raiding and greifing is allowed on this server! i recommend going far out and hide your stuff so you dont get raided! NO HACKS ALLOWED! We are a server where we are constantly surviving!

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