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-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-CrafticoBreak the game!-==Custom Survival==--==Factions==--==SMP==--==Skyblock==-------------------------------------------------------------------------------IP: play.craftico.xyzDiscord: Custom Survival will leave you haunted with great memories, it is by far the toughest survival you will find on minecraft. When we say this is the toughest, we mean it! This server features custom mobs, custom terrain, real life based nutrition, Everything is custom! You will never forget the great time you have here.Come join us for an amazing new experience. You will never be bored again, our custom map spawn and increased difficulty will always give you a thrill and keep you on your toes. Our factions will be the most enjoyable time of your life.Come play our new Skyblock gamemode with custom islands, auctions and spawnershops! Have you ever wanted to experience the greatest and most amusing skyblock playtime? You've come to the right place, our skyblock is unique and like every other gamemode, there are unique twists and turns. You wont just be left expanding your island, you will compete with other players to become the richest, its always a competition around here.Join us now for an amazing experience!!-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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