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CubeVanilla Online
[1.19.] Community Friendly Server (Lag Free/PVE) Keep Inventory = ON / NO (CHEATS/HACKS)

CubeVanilla is a community friendly “spigot-vanilla” based server, in which offers additional moderation to the gameplay of vanilla. Griefing/Raiding is NOT allowed on our server, as our server strives to provide a quicker but better vanilla experience for our player community and always looking for ways to improve. Keep inventory is on to discouraged players to want to kill players for their items, as players can clear their inventory or request for a inventory clear.

Our goal is to grow a community of players from all over the world who can come together to build all sorts of amazing things that the public eye can view. CubeVanilla offers teleportation to home/spawn (which is ran by command blocks), a villager market, custom recipes, and allows player to use other helpful moderations such as: optifine, minimap, and litematica. Come join our server at: and create your own adventure today!

Server Difficulty: HARD
World Border: 50K
Keep Inventory = ON

NO PVP (unless both players agree)

Our server has no website, as check out our server discord at: for more server info or ban appeals.

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Server Information

Votes 18
Version Spigot 1.19.2
Players 0/50
Categories Survival PVE