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CurseMC supplies alot of custom features + systems, here are some examples of what we have to offer: Boss Ranking System (You kill a boss with a specific amount of health and receive a Rank Slip, McMMO and cash, this is EULA friendly as it takes around 60 seconds too a minute to kill) - Book Enchant system (Used to have custom enchantments on Armour) - CurseKits (A system where you can type /cursekit and recieve a random custom enchanted armour set every time, has a 24hour cool down like any other kit) - Custom WarZones (Themed with a Storyline) - Factions game mode ( a Styled Medieval theme & Storyline) - Voting Keys/Mystery Keys/Super Keys/Spawner Keys/Rank Keys (Casino like key system) SupplyDrop System (Like an Envoy but drops Enchant Books + Rank Bosses, Emblems like a DeEnchant Emblem or Book Dusts and many more custom items) - XP System (A Custom Enchant for Swords can give you more XP + XP Event Emblems can globally give everyone x3 more XP that usual vanilla)

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