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Deadly Wars is a FactionsX server with a lot of quality of life improvements such as upgradeable spawners which are stackable, Upgradeable furnaces to improve speed and yield, Upgradeable hoppers to create teleporters for your base and are able to collect items in a larger area and/or to wirelessly transfer items into your chests, Deadly Wars also has a procedural items system so you will never have the same stat items as your friends, items can have gem sockets for special abilities and passive effects and you can also collect gear sets for that extra bonus, Mobs are leveled, the further from spawn you go the harder mobs get, We have a mature and dedicated team of people working hard to make Deadly Wars a place you can stay and enjoy.


  • IP:
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • PvP: EnabledCrossplay: Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, Phone, Tablet, Java.
  • Crates: Vote, Daily, Weekly, Playtime. 
  • FactionsX
  • Epic Plugins
  • Procedural Items
  • Socketable / Upgradeable Items
  • Mobs are harder further from spawn
  • No pay to win

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