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DesertCrystal Online
DesertCrystal the enhanced [1.19.2] SMP ANTI-Grief - Skills/Bosses/Games/16+

For those who seek the old days of hard earned progress, those who need the challenge and not the P2W speedrun for little kids.Those who like to have a lot to do on one server and those who are old enough to not want childish drama.DesertCrystal is your server.Anti-Grief with claims : Enhanced survival with special crafting and recepies: Bosses: Skills: Beheading on default; Miniblocks and other stuff to decorate: Mazerunner,Mobarena;King of the Ladder; Parkour;over 60 Fish to catch: Builder Battle and so much more !And all of this on a huge almost endless world thats open for every one around the world thats at least 16+

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Version Paper 1.19.2
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Categories Survival Hunger Games Minigames No Whitelist Parkour New SMP 1.19