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For the longest time, we've had a vision, in creating a project that's long-lasting, adventurous, creative, and overall, exciting. In order to contain a common player's interest, we need to first get the players! Before I go more in-depth, let me clarify who/what we are. DestricMC is a Factions & Skyblock network, that will be/is designed to integrate larger communities, in one. We additionally want to retain your interest, by integrating, unique features, epic loot, and possibly lost treasures, which can soon be discovered, by you!

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Status Online
Version FlameCord 1.7.x-1.16.x
MOTD DestricMC[1.7-1.12] Factions Inferno » NOW OPEN! [60% sale]
Players 181/1000
Categories Skyblock Factions