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Double Helix Online

Looking for a small server that puts the players first? 
Want to just go build without the constant bombardment of txt messages in your face?
How about being able to call on the experienced staff when you get stuck to lend a helpful hand?
What's that? .. you want to play in Creative Mode?  sure thing!
PvP? you betcha, there's 4 Arenas that you can get even with your friends.. or enemies :)
That's just a snipet of what we can offer you here at Double Helix! there's just not enough space available here to outline every thing we have going on..
Got 10 minutes? .. Then don't be shy, come on over and take a look for yourself . the only thing you
have to lose is a couple of minutes, who knows, you might even enjoy yourself :)
Be seeing you soon!

Players Online

Server Information

Status Online
Version Paper 1.16.5
MOTD ** Double Helix ** Constantly Updating - Current Ver. 1.16.5
Players 0/30
Categories Survival Creative Towny