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EVGames Network
A Minecraft Server

Welcome to EVGames Earth!

Here you can form Towns and NationsPlot Borders and make Alliances on a real life generated world!

And if you are bold enough conquer the world!
On EVGames Earth you've got action filled Adventures.
We have a Great Community with Friendly Players and Dedicated Staff!

We hold weekly events/updates for you to enjoy.
Claim your land using our Towny plugin and invite your friends to make cities and nations. You can mine & gather materials and earn money through Jobs, then trade it away at PlayerShops, this server is a player ran economy! You earn new perks and ranks using your in-game currency.

- Earth Map [1:1000 scale]
- Vehicles
- Custom Rank System with Perks using in-game money
- PlayerShops
- Jobs & to earn money
- Towny claim system with nations
- Crates for voting and earning rewards
- Resource World
- Marriage

We update the server on every maintenance day and you can follow up on the updates on our Discord!

There is more to offer than we have mentioned here, Start your adventure now and Join us!

Server Version: 1.16.5

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