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Eastcliff SMP Online
Eastcliff SMP
Eastcliff SMP - A Great adventure v2.2.2Clans | Survival | Claims

Hello Adventurer! Are you looking for a great story to tell at a campfire? Wanna tell a tale for your children when you get old? Join Eastcliff to write your own destiny. Fight epic monsters, collect legendary loot, lead the strongest clan! The server is EULA friendly.

- Friendly community (but pvp is allowed)
- Land claim
- Custom loot
- Collectibles
- PvP and PvE gameplay
- SMP with extra features
- Lucky crates
- Vote rewards
- Vote rank system
- Auction house
and a lot more...

*The server will be updated after every Minecraft update.

Players Online

Server Information

Votes 6
Version Paper 1.19.3
Players 0/20
Categories Survival PVE PVP Economy SMP