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Endgate - Custom Factions - Creative 24/7 WorldEdit Offline

Welcome to Endgate - Creative and Factions!


256x256 Plots! - FREE 24/7 WorldEdit! No Voting Required! - Awesome Pet Crates! - Cosmetic Crates! - UNLIMITED PLOTS!!! - Amazing Ranks with Amazing Commands!


A Cool Shop! /shop - Great Crates! - AWESOME VOTE LOOT! - Pets that help you in combat! - Ranks With Great Rewards! - Crates and Kits make life easier! Save time mining and more time fighting!

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Status Offline
Version BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x
MOTD Welcome To BlazeKingdom Survival & Creative!
Players 0/0
Categories Factions PVP Creative BungeeCord Economy