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EnigmaCraft Economy Survival/Skyblock Offline

- Server Name: EnigmaCraft

- Server Location: US West Coast (LA)

- Website:

- Server Address:

- Version: 1.13.2


We are EnigmaCraft, a small server completely focused on a fun, friendly Survival / Skyblock experience.


Our server just started up and we are looking for players who enjoy a laid-back style of play. There is no PvP (although a casual, fun PvP arena will be added soon), chat rules are relatively lax, and the server is constantly catering to the casual player. We are always looking to expand and accept feedback at any time (there is a place in spawn where you can leave feedback without leaving the game!).


We currently feature:

- 38 plugins customized and fitted with PlaceholderAPI

- Elaborate yet small spawn area to socialize


- Customized progression system that will reward you as you develop your island

- Elaborate Crate system, where keys can not only be bought, but found for no cost in-game

- No item loss in Skyblock, even for accidental falling!

- Much, much more!


Currently, since we just opened, our player base is quite low. However we welcome you to join, stay a while, and vote in order to promote our server. The more players we have, the more we can develop the server and make it the best casual server ever!


Thank you! The server IP is

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Status Offline
Version Paper 1.15.2
MOTD EnigmaCraft Survival, a fun, communal economy survival experience. 1.15.2
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Categories Skyblock McMMO Economy