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Ferox MC
FeroxMC Survival 1.18 [McMMO] [Quests] [Jobs] [No Grief]
Ferox is a friendly, non grief survival based server. If you enjoy building, doing quests, taking part in competitions and making money then you have come to the right place!- Version 1.16- Player Warps | Like showing off what you can build? We have a plugin which allows you to make warps as you rank-up with in-game balance purchases.- User-Friendly Land Claiming | Protect your property with ease from griefers and have an ability to stop mobs from spawning and attacking you!- Rank promotions for playing on the server | Each Rank has its own upgrades and perks, buy these with in-game money!- Bosses | Fight bosses for epic loot in server wide events and show off that all important tag to show your strength.- Player-Driven Economy | Shops and markets are ran by players, join and start your own business!- Art Map | Like doing pixelated art? We have an art plugin which allows you to do so.- Friendly Community | Although we are a small server, we encourage our players to be mature, respectful, and friendly!- Jobs | Like making money, like doing business? We have a jobs-based plugin which generates you more money as you get to a higher level from completing jobs such as Mining, Fishing, Farming & Woodcutting (including many more!)- Custom Enchantments | Want more spice in your adventure? Enchant your items!- Regular Events | Win free ranks, custom items, money and more in our regular fishing, building and art events!

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Server Information

Version Paper 1.18.1
Players 14/100
Categories Survival McMMO No Whitelist Economy PVE