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Fluxcraft currently offers: 

Parkour (W.I.P). 
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The rules of the server

[1] No Griefing
[2] No Swearing
[3] No Spamming
[4] Nothing Inappropriate
[5] Obey The Staff And Owner
[6] No Begging
If you break any of the rules, you will either be put in jail or be permanently banned

FluxCraft is now being hosted by CreeperHost :) 

To apply to become part of the team, please fill out this form 

See the server on dynmap 

We are a new server and would love if people would come and visit. 
We have friendly staff that are almost always willing to help anyone. 
If you're on the server for more than a hour you will go from 'guest' to 'member' 
To get Builder, Redstoner, you will have to prove that you are good at building or restone. If you break that trust I will remove your rank off you and put you back down to member. 

Every staff rank apart from Admin is hiringxc 


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Server Information

Status Offline
Version 1.10.2
MOTD A Minecraft Server
Players 0/0