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Gates of Aevony
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Gates of Aevony



Gates of Aevony is a MC community with friendly people. Oriented around, but not limited to, survival. It's tightly knitted around player communication, resource trading and good manners.

Guilds server is no-grief survival based in our custom made 100km2 world. Players can earn their money by doing various jobs, trading, doing tasks and more.

  • custom 10*10k survival world with epic landscape
  • Market shop and admin shop
  • PvP arenas where you can challenge other players
  • Jobs
  • mcMMO
  • Catch mobs by throwing an egg at them
  • Tasks with in-game rewards
  • Over 600 cosmetics
  • Generous voting rewards
  • mcMMO skill level based kits
  • Trading system
  • Chest shop
  • and much more

Just like guilds server, but with vanilla worlds and gameplay that is closer to the vanilla feel.

  • Jobs
  • Vanilla worlds
  • Catch mobs by throwing an egg at them
  • Market shop
  • Generous voting rewards
  • Griefprevention
  • Ranking system
  • Trading system

Server for raiding and griefing

  • Vanilla worlds
  • Factions
  • Admin shops
  • TNT can break obsidian
  • Create guard NPCs
  • Jobs
  • PvP arenas
  • Catch mobs by throwing an egg at them
  • Trading system
  • mcMMO

Unleash you building skills in the creative server to show your skills to the world. Use basic WorldEdit commands for free to make building easier.

  • 4 different plot worlds
  • Open creative world
  • plot sizes ranging from 50*50 to 500*500
  • basic, but still useful WorldEdit commands can be used by new players
  • player ranking is based on their playtime and skill
  • higher ranks have more advanced WorldEdit commands and other creative utilities
  • pixel printer
  • armor stand editor
  • 1000s of custom heads
  • and much more

We kindly accept donations which are vital to the continuous development of the server, and we have things to give in return. Donators get unique perks and fancy effects along with their title. It is important to us that every player has the same level of access to the game's core features.

The rules that our community follows are simple and derive from logical thinking, ensuring the smooth operation of the community and the well being of the individuals.
Here are some of them:

  • No griefing/raiding outside of factions.
  • No hacking.
  • No excessive swearing.
  • Be mature.
  • Do not advertize other servers.
  • Staff positions are not given for free.

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Version Waterfall 1.18.1
Players 3/100
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