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Grandma's House Online

Do you have bones? That will be changing soon.


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Welcome to Grandma’s House! Would you like a cookie?

Here at Grandma’s House, we love and accept everyone. Grandma’s place is a 1.16.1 server, with Player-Warps, No Phantoms, ChatFeelings, and so much more! Our aim with Grandma’s place is to have an open, accepting, drama-free and relaxing place to just play Minecraft.

What can I do on the server?

We have many possibilites! Build a great castle, become a mayor of a town, make stonks, anything your heart pleases.

We don't have towny the plugin, but we do have towns. Players can buy P-Warps for their towns! You learn plugins as you go; You can just ask about them, or checkout our handy Guidebook! (Link:

You are safe

We are not strictly an LGBT+ server, but we aim to provide a safe space for those who are. By coincidence, many people among the staff team are LGBT+. The server has a zero tolerance policy for homo- and transphobia.

Apart from the Long Furby Secuirty Team (LFST for short),GriefPrevention, LWC and CoreProtect, we are protected by the spirit of Chegg, our almighty worm on a string god, and his son, Long Furby.



Come visit grandma soon, she doesn't have forever you know!

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Status Online
Version Paper 1.16.3
MOTD Welcome to Grandma's! You have kept us waiting for the last time...
Players 0/30
Categories Survival McMMO Economy