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Havens Edge MC [1.17.X-1.18.X] [MMO Survival Experience with Towny] [Creative Plots WITH WorldEdit] [Active Updates] [More Coming soon] Online
Havens Edge MC [1.17.X-1.18.X] [MMO Survival Experience with Towny] [Creative Plots WITH WorldEdit] [Active Updates] [More Coming soon]
"\u003d\u003d\u003d\u003d\u003d\u003d\u003d\u003d\u003dHavens Edge [1.17-1.18]\u003d\u003d\u003d\u003d\u003d\u003d\u003d\u003d\u003d\nThis isn\u0027t Netflix! Join Already!"


Joinable Versions: 1.17-1.18

Discord server:

Havens Edge MC


Welcome to HavensEdgeMC.

What started out as a Passion project has grown into a full community based server. Our Friendly staff and 24/7 servers aim to provide you with the best game-play our servers can offer.

With our custom Texturepack with Optifine features and Multiple Servers we aim to create a truly unique RPG influenced experience.


Gold Based Economy

Find or earn gold with /jobs and trade with players and NPCs alike.
Got too much of one item? Auction it off to the highest bidder with /auction

Grief Prevention

Create and grow your town and nation with the Towny Plugin, Sethomes and Random Teleport. Make great kingdoms and establish yourself within the world.

MMO and Magic Based Survival

Level up your skills with Runecraft, McMMO, and much more

Creative Plots

Grab your friends and add them to your plots or build solo as you craft your own mini-map. Merge your plots together or with friends and get creative with World Edit to see how far your skills can go


Keep up with your friends with our servers friends list and join our Discord server to stay up to date with community projects, See Sneak Peaks on features coming to our server and much more

Ranks and Cosmetics

Support our server and get some cool perks by purchasing ranks and cosmetics in our Estore

Ever Growing

We are constantly striving to improve our servers as well as bring more features and worlds to play. Stay Tuned!

Servers Progress
Lobby: Open Pre-Release
Survival: Open Pre-Release
Creative: Open Beta
More Coming soon...

Players Online

Server Information

Votes 9
Version Havens Edge MC 1.17-1.18
Players 0/5000
Categories Survival McMMO Creative 1.18.1 1.16.5 1.17.1 Towny 1.17 1.17 1.16 1.16