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Havoc Empire Online
Havoc Empire
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Server ip

Java -
Bedrock - IP -->  port--> 25600
Join via 1.7 - 1.18 (we recommend 1.18)

About Havoc Empire:
Havoc empire has been making Minecraft servers since 2015! And we have just made a new vanilla minecraft server for everyone to enjoy!
Havoc empire is a simple SMP server with some grate features! You will never get board with the amount of exploring, quest and also pvp'ing you can do! The server is 1.18 and has some amazing new world generation, but you can join in nearly every version!

Some features we have!
-Bedrock and java cross play!
-Silk Spawners! 
-Player economy!
-Safari nets!
-Player shops!
-Trees fall with by breaking one block!
-Dedicated and friendly staff!
-Player lottery!
- Earn ingame money just from playing!
- Over 1200 quests where players can earn money, XP and Ingame tags!

FInd out more by joining our discord!

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Server Information

Votes 503
Version Paper 1.18.1
Players 0/100
Categories Survival Vanilla No Whitelist PVE PVP