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About Honey Wood (beta)The purpose of this server is to survive using resources only available inside the walls. You or anyone else may expand the walls by using grains of matter gained from activity in the server. You may also use grains of matter for cosmetics such as particles and colors, and even the ability to change time, weather and effects. We also have a Discord server where you can find more information on the server and how you can support us to keep the server alive.Here's a list of things we need to take care of:- Infravider is currently sponsoring us which means our server is free for the moment being. We need to find a reliable source of income so we can afford our hosting services and continue with our server.- Our server address is not as friendly as it should be, while at the moment this is not as important as keeping our server alive, getting a domain name for our server will certainly improve things.- Reaching people out. Momentarily our server needs to be populated. You can help us by sharing this server with your friends and inviting them over, or you could vote us on #vote-us and get awarded points each time you vote us.- Solving bugs. Currently, our server is in beta, which means some of the features we have included in the server such as the book of the void might be buggy. We encourage you to try our features and find bugs. You will be awarded points if you report a bug in #bugs-and-ideas.Supporting HoneyWoodBy supporting our community, you help our oceans get cleaned and aid cancer research. We donate 25% of our total incomes to Cancer Research UK and The Ocean Cleanup project for a better world. You also help us develop a better server and maintain it. If you would like to support our community, you can donate to the following link. If you include your username in the "add a note" box, we will reward you grains of matter for you to use in the game. You can also donate for yourself if you are not feeling like supporting us, but you will not be awarded any grains of matter.

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