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We are a community based server focused on creating an environment that all players are happy with. We are open to ideas and improvements, and are always willing to listen to our community! Looking for a little added difficulty to your Minecraft Experience? Our server is set on Hard, and on top of the added difficulty, you can contract nasty ailments and diseases! So be careful chopping down trees with your bare hands, and jumping from high heights, you will be visiting the Doctor frequently if you do! Looking to earn money? That's great! In HoneyComb, we offer Jobs, as well as money earned from killing mobs! You can also open your own player shop ans sell/buy from other players, and don't forget about Auctions! But watch out! You also lose money from being killed! So be sure to store your money in the Bank to avoid an empty wallet! Love building, but hate PvP? That's okay! You can claim land, and remain safe as long as you are in your borders! And don't be scared to trust players to your claim! If a trusted player griefs or raids you, our staff team will take action immediately! That also goes for players thinking of tricking people to get free stuff, you will be punished! We encourage PVP and raiding! But claiming will help avoid both of those things! So be sure to claim land if you do not wish to participate in the bloodshed! Come and check out HoneyComb today! We are a small, close knit community looking for more members!

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