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Hooudinis Prison Online

Prison:To get started on the prison all you need to do is /warp a or /a and it will start you on your journey ahead to escape.If you need additional help all you have to do is ask one of the moderators or admins and they will help you out the best they can./help will also help you out if there are no admins or mods online to help you.Rank up System:With the rankups i have added prestiges as well just to make it harder for you in total there are 5 prestiges to work for.You will work from A to Z once you have reached Z you can prestiges everything will be reset but not your tools, plots and armor so you dont have to worry about that.It is fairly easy at the start A to G but once you get past there it gets a lot harder.

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Status Online
Version Paper 1.16.5
MOTD Professional nude sender
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