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HyperGalaxy is a Survival Economy Server. Earn money by playing to Rankup and unlock new commands and features!


- Economy Based (The entire server revolves around earning money and ranking up your character via jobs, shops, and auctions)

- Ranks 1-100 (Rank up to earn special permissions, commands, & features)

- McMMo (Special skills to rank up for bringing a unique aspect to Minecraft survival)

- Custom Mob Spawners (Stack, Boost and combine spawners to maximise mob drops!)

- Mob Arena (Why not have a few tried at our mob arena to earn rewards!)

- Land Protection (Best land protection and completely customizable. Everything thing from mob spawning to water flow can be changed)

- World Anchors (Earn Money from farms even when your away!)

- Custom Enchantments!

- Much, much more!

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