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Instinct Features: (IP: your adventure, claim some land and trade your earnings. You work together and build a village with your own micro-economy. As you gain more claimblocks either by voting or server play time, you can extend your land claims. Claims can be made in multiple pieces or the entire estate in one. Survival can be as simple or as complex as you like to play.Skins:Are you a cracked player or just tired of your skin? Then no problem, simply use the command /skin to obtain the skin of your choice of /skins for a GUI. Banking System:We have a sophisticated banking system which allows you to store and withdraw money, items and exp at anytime time. Also, the ability to write out checks with /withdraw.Jobs:Select jobs and earn money for killing mobs, mining blocks, chopping wood. With 12 different jobs to choose from you'll find something that fits your playstyle.Lottery: Think you got luck? Want to take a shot at the server lottery? Then try your shot, the more tickets you buy the greater your chance of winning. Our server lottery is completely automated and staff independent which means staff is not able to influence the lottery in any way. Shop:You'll find plenty of items for sale in our shop along with items you can sell to generate even more income.Duels: Instinct also includes a robust dueling system! Which allows players to bet money or items on duels, choose from a variety of kits and an arena of choice or at random.Pets:Everyone begins their journey with a pet, bring your pet along with you to gain experiencing and level up to unlock new abilities. Some pets have unique abilities such as "Blazes can glide, etc.." but all pets are ridable. As do any other pets they do get hungry and have to be fed or they'll starve. The pet keeper takes care of them in the absent of their owners. Potential to gain more pets will be added soon. This is only a partial list of what we have to offer!Think you got what it takes to survive and thrive with nothing but your instincts? Give it a shot, come join us today!Feel free to join our discord @  You can connect to our server with:

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Version Spigot 1.12.2
MOTD [Released ✔] >>> Instinct Survival <<< [1.12.2] Jobs : Duels : Pets : Bank : Land Claims
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