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IF you are looking for a new server to start playing on this is a great pick, its easy to get into, easy to make a base, easy to raid, and its simply just Factions, PvP, and MCmmo. This server is looking for more players to Create a Fun Community for Every One. Events are Starting Every day, Join In For cool Rewards ?We Don't Give Staff To new Players Only way to Get Staff Is Spend Time on the server And help Players BRAND NEW FACTION SERVER OLD SCHOOL FACTIONS FROM 2012-2013 WORKS ON VERSIONS 1.12.2+ Classic Factions Just like the Good Ideas -Raiding -PvP -Fun Community -/wild to escape the warzone - Player Vaults -1.8 PVP and Features!!! -EMC Economy -Challenges -Envoy Drops Every 30Min -Open Other Factions Chest for Cool Raid -Silk Spawners For OP MOB Spawners -Every Hour Their is Envoy Drops -Kill Players And Sell there Heads For Money Build a Base Make enemies Find Bases and RAID Make New Friends Possibilities are endless

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Status Offline
Version Spigot 1.12.2
MOTD Factions - PvP - Raiding
Players 0/0
Categories Factions PVP Economy