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Welcome to JahCraft!

Welcome to our server! We are mainly a community focused survival and towny server, but recently in our update to 1.15 we've included many new features such as 1v1 KitPvP dueling and a new warzone area. We have many contests monthly and have many kind staff members willing to help new players with whatever they need. We are always looking for new players to meet and share our community with, and have a discord where all players can gather for the latest updates and information, as well as just to chat. We have many cool features, such as brewery, dynmap, mcMMO, custom items such as foods, and much more! We look forward to your visit!



Our dynmap can be found here:
Our discord can be found here:

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Status Online
Version Paper 1.15.2
MOTD iii Welcome to JahCraft! iii iii Now updated for 1.15.2! iii
Players 2/100