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---------------------------------------------------------------------------Welcome to JezzCraft,A Non PVP Survival Server, in which we don't take griefing as easy as in other servers,We don't permit the use of any kind of hack client or other third party tools, Optifine in the other hand is fineto use for better visual enhancements in your game.And also for a fine beginning, you'll be able to start your adventurewith some free beginner tools, /kit ToolsBut remember to be careful, you only have one chance at said kit, Good luck on your adventure Traveler!(Ps: We are open to any kind of donation that you, the player makes, and the team will reward youAccordingly! Thank you.)-The JezzCraft TeamWebsite Link: Link:'s Youtube Channel: Planet Server Link:| Server IP |  :

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Version Paper 1.16.5
MOTD >>--> JezzCraft Survival <--<< New - Jobs - Ranks - Discord - LandClaims - 1.16.5
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