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  • We're a claims smp, no rp but our spawn does offer you the ability to do so. That way you can play your way, no matter what!


  • Claims offer a pvp protection and raid protection, but you can always not use a claim if you'd like to play factions!


  • The staff team is super uplifting and we try to be active to watch over the server, we have cheap ranks, do giveaways all the time, and we're starting events all the time. We're currently looking for devs, staff, and builders. If you're interested come join and take a look around!


  • You can always leave if you dislike how we work the server! We're also looking for advertisers and partners. If you're wanting to partner dm me on discord at Kasanumi#0170 and we can work something out.


  • Thank you for reading, - Jiatsu Team

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