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JoNSCRAFT | FactionPvP | Non-OP, fair gameplay. Offline

About our server... 

Tired of pay to win faction servers? Want to relive the days of barebone, fair factions gameplay? 
JoNSCRAFT is a brand new factions server, looking to revive the olden days of the working block gamer's faction wars. There will be no kits, no pay to win aspects to be found in JoNSCRAFT. 

Just fair, honest gameplay. 

What's different about our Factions server? 
-No pay to win! You can reach the top of the ladders without paying a dollar. 
-Diamond spawn is increased. No more fruitless mining expeditions!
-Receptive staff. Changes to the server are made based on player feedback. Want to see something different on JoNSCRAFT? Suggest in on the forums. Your voice will be heard. 
-Regular events! Fun server-wide events like King of the Hill and Faction vs Faction PvP are examples of the fun events that'll take place on JoNSCRAFT. Big in-game prizes for the victors! 
-The Grand Exchange! Once you earn enough money, purchase a plot with in-game money to run a player-owned shop for others to purchase from!What are you waiting for? Play now!

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Server Information

Status Offline
Version Spigot 1.12.2
Players 0/0
Categories Spigot Factions PVP